How to Install & Register2017-12-21T15:31:51+00:00

Q: How to Install Tripdixi and create my account?

A: Follow below steps to Install and Register:

  1. From your mobile phone, go to google playstore or app store and search for tripdixi and
    install it. 
  2. After the app successfully installed, launch tripdixi app on your mobile phone. Please allow any notification confirmation from the app.
  3. Go to Account tab, tap REGISTER and fill all the information asked and tap REGISTER again
    Please be noted that password must contain at least one letter, at least one number and more
    than 7 characters.
  4. After registration is complete, your account information will be displayed. 
How to redeem and use a Tripdixi Voucher Code2017-12-21T15:47:15+00:00

Q: I have Tripdixi voucher code, how to redeem and use it?

A: If you have Voucher Code, please redeem the voucher by tap Voucher and Redeem
Voucher, and input Voucher code. If your code is valid, your balance will be added by the
amount of Voucher Code. 

How to redeem Voucher2017-12-18T15:06:48+00:00

Q: I have a promo voucher, how can I redeem it?
A: Open Tripdixi application from your mobile phone, go to Account then tap Voucher and Redeem Voucher, and input Voucher code.
If your code is valid, your balance will be added by the amount of Voucher Code.

How to book trip package2017-08-22T20:10:22+00:00

Q: How can I book my trip package?
A: Once you decide which package you choose, you have to make sure you specify your travel dates.

1. Touch the “CHECK DATE” tab at the bottom and touch the “CHECK IN DATE” field then select your date and select OK.
2. Touch “CHECK AVAILABILITY” tab on the bottom and make sure your requested date are available.
3. Touch “SELECT AND BOOKING” to proceed to the payment process.

Forgot Password2017-06-19T11:41:47+00:00

Q: I can’t login, I forgot my password, how can I restore it?
A: If you forget your password, don’t worry, it’s very simple to restore it;

  1. Start your TRIPDIXI Application,
  2. Choose the “Account” menu at the right bottom,
  3. Press “Forget Password” and fill the column with your register email,
  4. Press “SEND CODE” at the bottom.
    The activation code will send to your current email to reset your password.
How become a vendor2017-07-10T14:40:22+00:00

Q: I’m interested to joining as vendor. What are the steps?
A: It’s very easy and simple;

  1. Fill in a vendor registration form. Make sure all details are correct.
  2. Upload your required documents like ID Card and your Professional Certification if any.
  3. Your registration will be verified first to ensure the eligibility as a tour travel vendor.
  4. Vendors that have been verified, can directly create and sell his services or travel packages tour on TRIPDIXI apps.
How to pay2017-08-22T20:11:52+00:00

Q: How to settle payment for my booking trip?
A: It’s very easy and simple to do it;

  1. Choose our Bank Account that suits to you.
  2. Make a payment transfer to TRIPDIXI Bank Account as listed before its maturity.
  3. Make your payment confirmation once you are done.
  4. You will receive our confirmation reply and you are ready to travel!
Change and Cancellation2017-08-22T20:15:40+00:00

Q: Can I change or cancel my booking trip package?
A: Change and cancellation are possible before payment has been made. Cancellation after payment has been made refer to cancellation policy for each trip package.

Paying for someone2017-06-30T22:58:26+00:00

Q: Can I book a trip for another person?
A: If you want to pay for someone else’s trip, you can absolutely do that.
However, for the insurance that obtain when registration cannot be vested for him/her.

Benefits of signing up2017-07-17T14:19:25+00:00

Q: What are the benefits when I sign up?
A: Lots of benefits you will get, some of them are
– Make it easy for you to get all your travel destination and its accommodation.
– Every packages including local guide.
– Free insurance.
– Have a chance to get rewards when there is a special promotion for members.

Vendor documents requirement2017-11-14T02:37:13+00:00

Q: What documents are required for vendor registration?
A: To join as a travel vendor, you have to submit these documents:
– A valid identity card (KTP/PASSPORT/SIM)
– Newest self-portrait (In order to verify person in charge same as its ID card)
– Professional Certification (For example; Dive Certification, Flight Certification, etc)
– Company Identity such as SIUP, NPWP; (If your bank account name use a company name)

Renting out to tourists and travelers2017-07-10T14:48:41+00:00

Q: I have a motorcycle, how can I rent it to a tourist or travelers?
A: Not just motorcycles, you can also rent out your rooms, even provides any accommodation for travelers.
With just 4 easy steps, you can be a vendor as described on the “Joining as Vendor” page.

How many items or tour packages2017-07-10T14:50:34+00:00

Q: How many items or tour packages can be made by the vendor?
A: Vendors can create as many tour packages as possible to put in apps.

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