Amazing Bromo Midnight

Amazing Bromo Midnight

Spectacular Bromo

Duration : 2D 1NStarting Price : IDR 1.595.000

MapTravelling hobbies are incomplete without visiting Bromo Mountain which is one of the main destinations in East Java that appeals to both local and international tourists. Although included in the category of nature tourism, access to Mount Bromo can be reached using a vehicle, so that tourists of all ages from anywhere can visit this ights. The main attraction of Mount Bromo is the sunrise, Bromo crater, Teletubies hill, and also the whispering sands. Enjoy the holiday Together with your family with the natural fresh air of Bromo.




Local guide

Entrance Ticket Bromo

Pickup and Drop off at around Malang City (round trip)

Transportation using Jeep during trip




At 11:30 PM local time, you will be picked up in Malang as meeting point.


11:30 - 00:30 AM local time, your journey will start from Malang city to Gubug Klakah in Tumpang area, Malang for about 1 hour.


At 01:00 - 03:00 PM local time, Arriving at Gubug Klakah, you change the Jeep 4x4 and then to the sunrise point at Penanjakan 1 or also called Bukit Kingkong.



03:00 - 06:00 AM local time, Enjoying the scenery and waiting for the sunrise on the sunrise point, you can enjoy a drink or warm food sold by local residents (personal expenses).


06:00 - 06:30 AM local time, The journey to the crater of Mount Bromo.


06:30 - 08:30 AM local time, Explore the crater of Mount Bromo and Pura Luhur Ponten.


08:30 - 9:30 AM local time, Explore Whispering Sands and Dating Tree.


09:30 - 11:30 AM local time, Explore Bukit Teletubbies and Savana Bromo.


11:30 - 12:30 PM local time, Travel back to Gubug Klakah in Tumpang area, Malang.


01:00 - 02:00 PM local time, Travel to Malang city at drop off point.


The end of Bromo trip.


Local snacks

Mineral water

Tea and Coffee

First Aid Kit

Documentation in Soft Copy


Transport to Meeting Point

Accomodation at city of meeting point


Souvenirs Shopping

Personal Expenses

Personal Belonging

Personal Mecidines

Need to know

Schedule can be change without any prior notice due to unforeseen weather circumstance, force majeur or other safety reason

Please bring all the equipment in exclude list for your trekking comfort

Do not littering, please bring all your trash or you can give it to the porter

Please obey the rule and instruction from your guide

Stay focus and keep safety first do not hesitate to inform your guide for any troubles during trip

Please inform your health condition before the trip start for your convenience

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