Experience Silimalombu Eco Village

Experience Silimalombu Eco Village

Samosir Island

Duration : 2D 1NStarting Price : IDR 430.000

MapLocated at Silimalombu village, the guesthouse with a Batak roof style directly at the beach of Lake Toba with private beach. It is a farm environment and the guesthouse have chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs and cats. The guesthouse produce the food mostly from their own farm/garden. As a guest, you are invited to participate on their daily activities just like local people.




Guide to explore the village

Single, double or shared room




Welcome drinks and food


Choice of daily activities


Lunch or dinner based on your arrival time at the guesthouse





Choice of daily activities




Water, tea and coffee all day long

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The guesthouse produce the food from harvesting the garden or from the lake such as fish and lobster and they also can make bread or pizza. Please inform the guesthouse owner for your choice of food since they can prepare vegetarian, vegan or gluten free food based on your preference.

Daily local people activities such as harvesting everything that ready to eat in the guesthouse garden such as cassava, sweet potatoes, papayas, passion fruits, guava, blueberries and bananas.

Seasonal activities harvesting such as mango, durian, jackfruit, avocado, pomegrano, lot of vegetables and spices.

Catch fishes or lobster on the lake by canoe

Prepare vegan ice cream based on tapioca, making body lotion demonstration, harvesting cinnamon, roasting coffee or chocalate

Standard first aid kit


Airline ticket

Ferry transportation. Ferry schedule from Ajibata to Tomok, 5 times/day: I. 08.00 AM, II. 11.00 AM, III. 02.00 PM, IV. 05.00 PM, V. 8.30 PM local time.

Transportation from Tomok to Silimalombu Village. You can contact the guesthouse owner asking for the best transportation after you completed the booking procedures.

Need to know

Schedule can be change without any prior notice due to unforeseen weather circumstance, force majeur or other safety reason

Please bring all the equipment in exclude list for your convenience

Do not littering

Please obey the rule and instruction from your guide

Stay focus and keep safety first do not hesitate to inform your guide for any troubles during trip

Please inform your health condition before the trip start for your convenience

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