Ijen Bluefire Midnight

Ijen Bluefire Midnight

Banyuwangi Sunrise of Java

Duration : 1D 0NStarting Price : IDR 495.000

MapJoin other new experience to explore East Java and find out by midnight short trip to Mt. Ijen Crater. This package offers tours to Mount Ijen with a duration of 1 day and 1 night. Mount Ijen is an active volcano located on the border between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso districts, East Java Province, Indonesia. This mountain has a height of 2.443masl and has several times erupted. The last eruption occurred in 1999. One of the most famous natural phenomena of Mount Ijen is the crater located at its peak. Ijen Crater is a very acidic crater lake in the world with a depth of 200meters lake and crater area reaches 5,466 hectares. Every morning at around 02:00 AM local time until 04:00 AM local time, around the crater can be found the phenomenon of blue fire, which is the uniqueness of this place, because the natural scene is only happening in two places in the world of Iceland and Ijen, Indonesia. From Ijen Crater, we can see the other mountain scenery in the Ijen Mountain complex, among them is the peak of Mount Merapi East Java which is located just east of Ijen Crater, Panorama of Mount Raung, Mount Suket, Mount Rante, and so on.




Profesional local guide

Entrance ticket

Pickup-drop off at Banyuwangi City area

Round trip transportation to Ijen Crater and Baluran (Jeep Offroad 4WD)




Midnight trip begin at 00:01 AM local time, you will be picked up at the hotel, station, or anywhere in Banyuwangi City by using Jeep transportation.


At 01:00 AM local time, you will arrive at Pos Paltuding and begin the preparation of the climb after briefing with your team.


At 01:30 AM local time, Start trekking from Pos Paltuding to Ijen Crater.


Arriving at the crater Ijen, you can see directly the rare Blue Fire phenomenon for approximately 2 hours.


If the sun has risen at around 05:30 AM local time, you will be presented with the beauty of Ijen crater scenery.


At 06:00 AM local time, You will trekking back to the Post Paltuding.


Arrive around 08:00 - 09:00 AM local time, breakfast at local restaurant with local cuisine menu.


At 09:00 AM local time, Your journey continues towards Osing Deles.


At 09:00 - 11:00 AM local time, souvenir tour in the typical Osing Deles Banyuwangi, there are various souvenirs handmade products as a beautiful gift for your family. On the 2nd floor there are cafes and restaurants. If you like, you can enjoy the menu dishes there while looking at the island of Bali from a distance.


At 11:00 - 12:00 PM local time, after relaxing at Oseng Deles, you will be deliver to the drop off point back to the hotel, station or anywhere in Banyuwngi City.


Trip Mount Ijen completed.


Bread and Mineral water 600ml during trip


Gas Mask

Standard first air kit



Snacks during trip 

Soft Drinks

Transportation from home to meeting point

Accommodation at meeting point city

Personal expenses

Personal medicines

Personal Belonging

Tipping guide

Souvenirs Shopping

Need to know

Schedule can be change without any prior notice due to unforeseen weather circumstance, force majeur or other safety reason

Please bring all the equipment in exclude list for your trekking comfort

Do not littering, please bring all your trash or you can give it to the porter

Please obey the rule and instruction from your guide

Stay focus and keep safety first do not hesitate to inform your guide for any troubles during trip

Please inform your health condition before the trip start for your convenience

Not recommend for breath health condition issue

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