Lost City Of Muaro Jambi

Lost City Of Muaro Jambi

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MapThe Muara Jambi Temple Compound site is less than 40 kilo-meters and can be reached by land transportation or through the river in one hour. The site is spread along 7.5 kilo-meters of the riverbanks of Batanghari River in which old canals or man-made rivers are positioned to connect the Batanghari River with the site. Through these ancient canals that circulate the site, people could reach the temple compounds. The site that covers an area of 2,062 hectares, there were at least 82 ruins of ancient buildings made of brick construction. Seven of these ancient temples have been given intensive conservation treatment, meanwhile the remaining structures are covered with primary and secondary vegetation, and surrounded by the local community plantation of Sumatran endemic plants (planted by the local people known as Menapo).
The site illustrates the exchange of culture and human values over a span of time within the period of the Hinduism - Buddhism culture in Indonesia and specifically in Jambi. The values of humanities are reflected in the building of the temples based on the philosophy of Hinduism-Buddhism. In terms of technology and architecture, the structures illustrate the skills and the knowledge in various fields starting from selecting the location, method of constructing the temple and land use adjusted to the geographical condition and environment of the temple compound.




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Enjoying Jambi traditional hawker and visiting Pasar Keramik


Visiting "Jambi Kota Seberang" by walking through Gentala Arasy Bridge lies above the stunning Batanghari River


Visiting Old Melayu House and Jambi batik's handcraft process


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Go to Garden of Eternal Tree


Visiting grand complex of Kedaton


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