Ujung Kulon Holiday

Ujung Kulon Holiday

Banten Adventure

Duration : 3D 2NStarting Price : IDR 825.000

MapIndonesia has many National Parks and one of them is also listed as a World Heritage Site and protected by UNESCO is Ujung Kulon National Park which is part of the tourism object of Banten Province. Ujung Kulon National Park is known to have a vast protected forest and home to wild animals, one of which is a species of rhinoceros known as the One-horned Rhinocerosis very rare and endangered species. Besides its main function as a nature conservation area as well as animal research and protection center, Ujung Kulon National Park has also been developed as a cool natural tourist destination. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in the area of ​​Ujung Kulon National Park is Peucang Island, Cidoan, Copong Reef, Badul Island, Handeleum, and Cigenter River. In the last few years the name of the islands in this national park was flying in the top ranks of Indonesian tourism. The islands across the west of this main island of Java have the characteristic of white sandy beaches are spacious and the waters are crisp and calm. Vacationing and walking around the islands for 3 days and 2 nights is a recommendation that you need to put in your list. There are also several snorkeling spots offered for your vacation in Ujung Kulon. Among them are Ciapus, Suminoh, Citerjun, Lagoon Kobak, and Oar island.




Local guide

Entrance Ticket & Local Retribution.

Transport from meeting point to Basecamp Point (round trip)

Boat (round trip) Tour boat for 2 days, capacity base on pax number.

Homestay at Peucang Island




At 09:00 – 10:30 PM local time, you will be picked up at meeting point 1 at Semanggi Plaza/ around Jakarta Area and heading meeting point 2 at Serang City, Banten.


At 11:30 – 12:00 AM local time, Arrive at Serang City (meeting point 2) and towards harbor.


At 12:30 – 05:00 AM local time, Arrive at Sumur Harbor (rest) before crossing by boat in the morning.



At 06:00 AM local time, Breakfast.


At 06:30 AM local time, transfer to harbor and boat on board.


At 06:30 – 09:20 AM local time, journey to Peucang island.


At 09:30 AM local time, Check in at Peucang Homestay.


At 09:40 – 12:30 PM local time, Trip to Copong Reef.


At 12:30 – 02:00 PM local time, Break and lunch.


At 02:30 – 04:00 PM local time, Tour and Snorkeling at Ciapus and Lagoon Kobak.


At 04:30 – 05:30 PM local time, Trekking and take relax walk to Cidoan the Savana Land to enjoy the sunset view.


At 06:00 PM local time, Go back to Peucang Homestay.


At 07:30 PM local time, Dinner time and barbeque party.


At 10:00 PM local time, Rest and sleep.



At 05:00 – 06:00 AM local time, wake up early morning and enjoy sunrise from harbor while having breakfast.


At 06:30 – 08:30 AM local time, Packing and Check out from homestay, continue Canoeing activity at Cigenteur river. (optional)


At 09:00 – 10:00 AM local time, River trip or Canoeing Activity at Cigenteur River.


At 10:00 – 12:00 PM local time, Snorkeling activity at Badul Island.


12:00 – 12:30 PM local time, Lunch on the way to Sumur Harbor.


02:00 PM local time, Arrive at Sumur Harbor and clean up / changing to dry clothes.


03:00 PM local time, Go back to Jakarta meeting point 1 from Banten. Estimated time 6 – 7 hours.


At 10:30 PM local time, you will arrive at meeting point 1 at Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta.


Service complete, trip is finish.


Meals 5 times during trip

Barbeque 1 time

Mineral Water during trip

Standard first aid kit

Team Documentation

Underwater Documentation (GoPro Hero)

National Park Insurance


Canoeing ticket at Cigenteur River

Snorkeling equipment (rent cost is excluding facilities)

Transport to and from meeting point

Snack on the go

Accommodation in city meeting point

Personal medicines

Personal belongings

Spare clothes

Personal Documentation

Personal expenses during the trip

Tips for guide, porter and driver

Items that not mentioned in facilities

Souvenir Shopping

Need to know

Schedule can be change without any prior notice due to unforeseen weather circumstance, force majeur or other safety reason

Very required to wear shoes and sun block cream.

Please bring all the equipment listed on the exclude list for your convenience.

Do not litter

Comply with guides and instructions

Stay focused and prioritize safety, do not hesitate to inform the guide in case of trouble

Inform your health condition before starting the journey for your convenience

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