Popular anti-mainstream destination for 2018 year-end vacation

Do you want a different or anti-mainstream year-end vacation?
Or you just trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city?
Here are a few recommend destinations for you to try at this end of 2018.

Dieng Plateau

The spectacular, lofty volcanic plateau of Dieng (Abode of the Gods), a glorious, verdant, fertile landscape laced with terraced potato and tobacco fields, is home to some of the oldest Hindu architecture in Java. More than 400 temples, most dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, originally covered this 2000m-high plain, but they were abandoned and forgotten.
Dieng Plateau
Dieng Plateau is one of the coolest destinations in Indonesia, and not just weather-wise. Both a natural and cultural destination, there are many things to see and do in Dieng Plateau.

Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java, with average altitude is about 2,000 m above sea level. Temperatures range from 12-20 ° C in the daytime and 6-10° C at night. In the dry season (July and August), temperatures can reach 0° C in the morning and create a frost that locals call bun upas (poison frost) for causing damage to plants. Once a year, tourists flock to the spot for a much-anticipated festival that includes traditional rituals, performances, and jazz above the clouds.

Thousand Waterfalls City

Not far from the Dieng Plateau, we head south to the Banyumas regency. This city close to a thousand of waterfalls, all located at the southern slopes of Mount Slamet, an active stratovolcano 3428 meter high and who is dominating the surrounding landscape that captivates every canyon lover. Many spots that you should explore for camping or even unique snorkeling.
Curug Moprok Snorkeling
Tranggulasih Hill is an interesting camping spot that you must visit if you are a panoramic view both sunrise and sunset. Romantic atmosphere created from the scene of the city lights from the distance.

Besides camping, there are unique activities that you can do is Snorkeling At Curug Moprok. Through this trip you’ll going to enjoy hidden tourism spot named Lawing Peri and experiencing a highland city light camping.

Bukit Duabelas

Is National Park located in Jambi Province. As a national park, Bukit Duabelas relatively small with only covering 605 km². The northern part of the park consists of primary rainforest, while the rest is secondary forest, as result of previous logging.
The Jungle People
The park is inhabited by the indigenous Kubu Tribe or Suku Anak Dalam that also called Orang Rimba or Jungle People in English.

There are so many activities that you can follow along with them. Such as hunting wild board, catching fish with spear, looking for jungle honey, tapping ruber, etc.

Please follow the instruction of your guide for what can do or don’t while you interact with the tribe.

There are still many other wonderful places that are suitable to be used as holiday or trip destinations for this end of 2018.

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