The awakening of the giant

Indonesia is now moving forward to become a country with the world’s leading economic power. One of the supporting factors is tourism. Tourism statistics present promising data. Statistics are of course derived from the reality in the field where the government’s active role through Kemenpar has a big role. Then where is our role in Indonesian tourism?

It is undeniable that currently local tourism players are outdone by large investors. Large capital can create trust and coupled with the network cooperation of large investors finally leaving only a small cake for local tourism actors. As if the local tourism actors are powerless to compete with large capital owners. But is it so?

In fact the local tourism actors still get a share of Indonesia’s tourism gurihnya. Social media era is currently used by local tourism actors to offer tour packages that they have. Behavior? Of course. But to be honest it is still very far to approach the industrial scale.

What needs to be done to answer this challenge? The answer is of course synergy. The synergy of local tourism actors and local residents is supported by community-based economic technology. This can make local tourism actors more competitive because it involves the local community even with minimal support or no support from the local government.

Tripdixi , as a tourism marketplace app gives local tourism actors an opportunity to improve their competitiveness owned tourism products. With no registration fees and subscription fees, Tripdixi offers the opportunity to get more publication of tourism products owned by local tourism actors.
Creativity and willingness to cooperate will be the key of local tourism actors to be able to show off in the advancement of Indonesian tourism. Like the title of this article, “The Awakening of the Giant” is the right time to wake the Giant, for we are the Giant.
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