The Most Desirable Tourist Destination in Indonesia

Is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is the world’s largest island country, with more than thirteen thousand islands with 300 ethnic group. As an archipelago, of course there is a lot diversity of nature and culture that offers an adventure for everyone, from exploring ancient temples, hiking active volcanoes, down the cave, exploring tribes inland in the tropical rain-forest to diving in largely untouched waters. So, you’ll never run out of opportunities for adventure and cultural interaction. That’s why Wonderful Indonesia has been the slogan of an international marketing campaign directed by the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism since January 2011.

And these are some of the most popular and desirable tourist destinations in Indonesia.


Who doesn’t want to go to Bali?
Arguably the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia.
Bali has many of cultural and traditions that make a visit here worthwhile. But anyone who travels to Bali is going to have beach with warm sand and blue water with surfing on their mind as the perfect place to living with indulge.
But don’t assume that Bali is all resort life and beaches, Bali also known as a top honeymoon destination in Asia with highly romantic escapes.
Ubud is in many ways Bali’s cultural heart. It’s in the cool mountains, just an hour’s drive north of the airport. There’s somewhere to stay for every budget, and no matter what the price you can enjoy lodgings that reflect the local Zeitgeist: artful, creative and serene.


Everyone already knows that Yogyakarta is the soulful and artistic mecca of Javanese culture.
Traditional dance, gamelan concerts, handicrafts, batik, Malioboro, etc, which makes it a popular tourist destination.
Beside culture, the Yogyakarta Special Region has many destinations for adrenaline junkie.
In Tripdixi, there is a trip package named Yogyakarta Terrain that will invited you down the foot of Mount Merapi using Land Rover Classic 4×4 made in England a dashing off road in steep terrain then it continued with rafting.
You will also be invited to stop at various places that have an interesting story when eruption of Mount Merapi that occurred in the past. It’s very interesting and challenging.


Lombok Island is the eastern neighboring island of Bali that located in the West Nusa Tenggara province and is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain. Lombok Island itself is surrounded by many smaller islands, called “Gili”. The surrounding Gili islands are uninhabited, such as Gili Air, Gili Nanggu, Gili Trawangan, which has risen in popularity among backpackers and tourists in recent years since they are perfect as a get-away from the hustle-bustle for those of you who need peace, as it’s a piece of heaven on earth that you need to visit which is also suitable for honeymoon.
Furthermore, there is Mount Rinjani. The mighty massive volcano towering over the island that draws hikers from far and wide. Within the Rinjani mountain there is a crescent shaped lake as spiritual place. Each year Balinese come here to perform a ceremony called Pekelan, where jewelry is placed in the lake as an offering to the mountain spirit.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat famous for its natural beauty and biodiversity, many local and foreign tourists who visit enjoy the beauty, snorkeling, indulgence and for research since Raja Ampat is considered the global center of tropical marine biodiversity.  Since then Raja Ampat has been known to the world and has become increasingly popular with foreign tourists.
The native people of this archipelago are ethnic Biak tribe, Maya, Ondoloren settled.  Most of the original inhabitants of Raja Ampat are subsistence communities who live simple, traditional with the target only limited to fulfilled daily needs.

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